Welcome to our April 2019 Auction

This is now our third auction sale for 2019 and including this auction, we shall have offered over 550 to the market so far this year. Sale value from our first two auctions already tops well over £50 million so it’s been a busy couple of months! In fact, for those that like statistics, we have exchanged contracts equivalent to over 4.5 exchanges every business day since 2nd January. 


In my view, that is not a sign of a stagnant market or one that demonstrates buyers “sitting on their hands”. To the contrary, it clearly shows that a big sector of buyers know value when they see it and transact rather than listening to all the grey noise and excuses especially surrounding Brexit. 


I shall not use this platform to express any personal views or otherwise on the subject of Brexit save for this, for those sitting back with a wait and see attitude, is this really a good strategy? Whilst of course some will do this, the prudent are now taking advantage of a less frothy market, utilising still historically low interest rates and getting on with business. 


I truly believe many will reflect back on this period of time and wish they had bought now rather than taking the “wait and see” attitude, because when these people re-engage with the inevitable and simple economics applied, as demand increases so do prices. 

With this in mind I encourage you to look through this catalogue which is slightly smaller than our recent two sales, but gives us an opportunity for this pre-Easter sale and a focus on some 155 lots. 


We are here to assist with all your enquiries in the lead up to the auction and I would encourage you to contact my team with any questions you may have. More recently you will have noticed that you can hardly transact any form of business without providing documented identification papers etc. We understand that this can be a hassle and what appears to be an unnecessary bureaucratic procedure but, it is the law and as auctioneers we are required to comply with this.

We have been researching a number of applications to make this process much easier for buyers and for this auction we are delighted to be introducing the Credas platform (you will see this advertised in our catalogue) to help buyers and indeed sellers conform with all the ID requirements placed upon them. If you would like to utilise Credas for your ID please contact my office prior to attending the auction and of course this service is available for telephone bidders and those bidding by proxy. 


We therefore look forward to welcome you to the Grand Connaught Rooms on Tuesday 9th April and wish you the very best of luck with your bidding. 

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