Bidders Registration for the 27th July Auction

The upcoming auction on the 27th July is fast approaching and will be held at our usual Venue of The Grand Connaught Rooms with the option to be able to bid online as well as in person and by telephone.

You will need to be registered to bid by no later than 4pm on Monday 25th July if you wish to bid for any lot in these sales. If you have not registered to bid you will still be able to watch the auction and bidding, but will not be able to bid for any lots.


Planning to Bid in person in the room?

We are encouraging bidders to attend the auction, and to save time on the day you can Pre-Register HERE


To Register to bid Online:

For the live venue sale on the 27th July, the registration is a two stage process.  To register to bid online at this auction, the link for registration can be found on our home page.

When you register to bid, as part of the process you will be asked to download an app (or use your webcam) to do ID verification through our provider Credas.  This is a secure platform, our data is kept secure, and the best part is that once you have completed Credas with us, we won't need to ask you to complete it again for 12 months.

Also, as part of the online registration you will be asked to confirm the name of the BUYER for contract purposes, and also confirmation of source of funds.  Credas verification's will be required for any 3rd party named as either the Buyer or source of funds, and ALL Credas verification's must be completed, checked and passed before approval to bid is granted by the Auctioneers.

You will also need to make arrangements for payment of an initial deposit totaling £6,250.00 by Debit Card (this being £5,000 as the deposit payment and £1,250.00 inclusive of VAT as the Auctioneers Contract Documentation Charge)**


To Register to bid by Telephone:

Please download and complete this form and return it to

Once we have received your form we will contact you to complete a Credas online anti-money laundering check, this is a government requirement for all our transactions and when this is complete,and you have paid the required deposit and auctioneers Contract Documentation Charge, you are good to bid.

If you have selected “Proxy Bid” on the form, we will bid at the auction on your behalf but only up to your maximum stated bid, if other bids don’t take you to this level you may well buy the property for less than your maximum.

Note for Proxy bids: You must confirm which lot you wish to bid for and a separate form needs to be completed for each proxy bid.

If you have selected “Telephone Bid” when the lot you have selected comes up in the auction, one of our experienced team will call you. They will tell you what the current bid is, the bid being requested by the auctioneer or web bidding platform and if you say “yes” they will make that bid on your behalf. You can bid on as many lots as you like but you must specify which lots so we know when to call you.


Don’t hesitate to call us on 0208 741 8088 or 0208 741 9990 or email us at if you have any questions.

Stay Safe – Stay Well and good luck with your bidding!


**  NB - If you are the successful purchaser, the initial deposit will form part of the amount payable on the fall of the gavel and you will be required to pay the full amount of deposit and contract documentation charge immediately. If we are holding more than the required deposit payment, we can either refund the difference to you (on receipt of the initial deposit payment into our client account) or utilise the whole amount as the deposit which will reduce the amount of the purchase price left to pay on completion of the sale.

For details on how to pay your deposit, please register to bid now and follow the instructions to make your initial deposit. 

If you are not the winning bidder, the hold on your initial deposit will be released when we close the auction off (generally within 48 hours of the auction event).

Payment of your initial deposit may also be made by debit card or bank transfer directly with the auctioneers, please contact 0208 741 8088 to arrange this. Payments made directly to the auctioneers will be refunded via the method they were initially paid and within 48 hours of the auction day/s


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