Introducing our October Online Auction sales


Including the short notice interim auction sale held on 30th September, this is our 9th auction of the year with two more to follow this year on 10th/11th November and 15th/16th December.

Our auctions continue to be online as a venue sale is simply not possible at this time.  Many of our customers have embraced the online auctions but miss the venue auctions and the buzz and direct interaction you can only get at a venue.  We very much hope that we will be able to return to venue sales soon, but will only do so when it is deemed safe.  We are already planning this and have everything in place for a return to venue sales but they will be different.  Future venue sales will give the opportunity for buyers and sellers to attend if they wish to do so. 

Additionally buyers will be able to pre arrange telephone and proxy bids in the same way they have been able to do for many years.  The additional feature of a venue auction will be the continued ability to bid online so, a full suite of services and access enabling anyone to bid from any location whenever they wish.  More of this to come when we get the green light to re-open the venue sale doors but, for the moment, all sales will continue to be online auctions where you can bid online, by phone or by proxy.

Unlike many auctioneers, we only require you, for our current on line sales, to register to bid and complete the anti-money laundering requirements as set out in our registration process and required by law. We do not, for the majority of lots, ask you to pay an up-front deposit and once registered, you are able to bid on any lot you like.  This gives you flexibility as a buyer and it does mean our results are a true reflection of the auction in terms of sales success rate rather than many auctioneers who artificially inflate their results by withdrawing lots before the sale where they can’t be 100% sure they have a bidder. 

What we have noticed however, and this is similar to a venue auction, that some bidders appear to be getting carried away and bidding on lots on a whim rather than being a prudent buyer who has done all their due diligence.  It is completely your decision if you wish to bid this way but, when you bid it is binding, you cannot withdraw your bid once it has been placed.  The bottom line is, only bid if you are happy to enter a legally binding contract at the level you have bid because, if yours is the highest successful bid, the hammer may fall on that bid, you have automatically exchanged a contract and you are legally bound to pay the deposit and complete.  This is no different to a venue held auction and, there are no excuses.  You have voluntarily logged on with your password and placed a bid, exactly the same as being sat in the auction and raising your hand to signify your bid.  So, do not bid unless you want to buy the property, as policy, and without exception, any buyer that defaults will be pursued by us on behalf of our selling client.

This catalogue again includes lots from all our regional auction centres and I am proud of all my teams throughout the country that have again, brought you a catalogue of lots steeped with opportunities.  We are all here to help with your enquiries in the lead up to the auction. If you do your due diligence properly, make sure everything is in place for you before the auction, our buyers guide is available to read on our web site, you will have a great auction experience and could bag yourself a bargain.

We wish you the very best of luck with your bidding, we miss seeing you at our auction venues but I’m sure the current issues will pass and as soon as it is safe to do so, we will see you back at our venues.

Please make sure you register to bid nice and early, don’t leave it to the deadline because if we can’t process your registration you will miss the opportunity to bid.

Stay Safe and Stay Well and we hope to see you soon. 

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