Introducing our November Auction

Welcome to our penultimate catalogue for 2018 with this, our ninth sale of the year.

I would urge all prospective buyers especially for this auction to, in addition to all your due diligence, double check any variations to completion dates in the Special Conditions of Sale relating to each lot. “Standard” 28 day  completion will mean that completion of your purchase falls on 17th December 2018, (the day of our December auction) so, make sure your solicitor will be available for this and not at the office Christmas Party!

Of course some completions could be earlier or later and as a bidder, you are deemed to be aware of this and all other matters relating to the sale so, make sure you are a prudent buyer when you bid.

Yet again there are a number of lots entered into this auction which were sold at our sales held earlier this year and indeed last month. These lots are being re-presented to auction due to the failure of buyers to complete. In many cases this is a result of not carrying out proper due diligence prior to bidding and bidding on a whim, rather than making sure that they have read all the documentation and taken appropriate advice. Please do not put yourself in this position and if you have any questions whatsoever please raise them with us well in advance of the auction, we are here to help and answer any of your questions no matter how minor you think they might be.

Buying at auction is really a very simple process and gives you the advantage of absolute certainty when the hammer falls on your bid. It is in fact one of the oldest and most traditional ways of buying and selling property and has been proven to be popular, one only needs to look at the statistics from organisations such as Essential Information Group to see how popular this is. Your auction experience should also be exciting and hopefully rewarding but again, it will be so if you carry out your due diligence. In fact at this auction we are delighted to welcome delegates from Tigrent learning who are engaged in a course which provides them with significant amount of information, tips and essential guides to ensure that their future auction experience is fabulous, rewarding and hopefully profitable one.

Turning to the catalogue itself we have again produced a substantial volume of lots with over 200 properties on offer ranging in every single type, price range, locality and condition. We hope you will enjoy reading this varied catalogue and pick out a few lots for you to investigate and conclude whether to bid or not.

As always, legal documents are available for you to download free of charge from our website. You will also notice that last month we introduced references for each lot showing you the sales consultant dealing with each and every lot. Whilst they will endeavour to deal with each enquiry as it comes in but if they are not individually available please ask your question of any of my colleagues. Page 1 of this catalogue provides all our email addresses but call me “old school” I prefer to talk rather than type. That being said if you have any issues or enquiries that my colleague cannot assist with please feel free to send me an email or our client relationship manager Matthew Rosenz and we will endeavour to do our absolute best to deal with your enquiry.

Finally we have squeezed as many viewings in as possible and especially since the clocks have changed have brought our viewing schedule forward to enable you to inspect our properties during daylight hours. We would be grateful if you could ensure that you arrive at the viewing promptly at the time stated as our viewing agents work to a schedule and any delays at individual properties will impact on their appointments throughout the rest of the day.

We look forward to welcome you to the Grand Connaught Rooms on Monday 19thNovember and wish you the best of luck with your bidding.


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