Introducing our 17th May Auction Sale

Welcome to our Spring auction catalogue, our fourth sale so far this year and with some 280 lots, one of the largest volume catalogues for some months.  Clearly this will be a busy day on Tuesday 17th May, and we shall start the auction promptly so please make sure you arrive at the venue in plenty of time to complete your bidder registration.

It has become very clear since we returned to the auction venue in September last year that buyers are much preferring the auction room itself rather than bidding remotely.  A large proportion of successful bidders are those who attend the sale where they can see everything that is happening rather than just sitting at home or work clicking a mouse.  We continue to encourage bidders to attend the auction at The Grand Connaught Rooms, Great Queen Street just near Covent Garden.  In fact, in my view London is at its best in the early summer, we’re not swamped with tourists at the moment so this auction presents a great excuse to combine your property shopping with a bit of sightseeing in Town without the usual crowded streets.  

Before you come to the auction it is essential you carry out your due diligence prior to bidding.  Make sure you read our buyers guide available on our website and do all the homework required.  We are here to help with all your enquiries in the lead up to the sale, so please give us a call or send an e mail.  Make sure that you have seen the lots you wish to bid for, make sure your conveyancer has been through the legal pack, make sure you have cleared funds in place to pay the full deposit on the day and, that you have properly agreed borrowing for that particular property in place and ready to draw down for completion – unless of course you are lucky enough to have all the funds sitting in your bank account already. 

Buying at auction should be an exciting and fun experience, it is further enhanced by coming to the venue to bid for yourself as I’ve already mentioned.  It can also be a profitable experience as well but be well prepared and you will have a great auction experience.

 Every month we strive to bring you a selection of varying types of property in all locations and at a price that should fit any budget.  This can be a challenge especially as we hold a major national auction every month and for this auction, I believe we have delivered on this aim superbly.  Not only is there a huge array of lots on offer but, there is variety.  I hope you enjoy reading through this catalogue whether in the printed version or online. Please call my team with any questions you may have in the lead up to the sale and don’t forget, if you set your heart on a particular lot why not try a bid beforehand, you never know!  

We really look forward to welcoming you to the auction so why not leave the house or your office, leave your computer for a little while and enjoy proper interaction in the auction room itself and do your bidding in person, we love to sell to people we can see! 

 It just remains therefore for me to warmly welcome you to The Grand Connaught Rooms on Tuesday 17th May and wish you the very best of luck with your bidding!

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