Introducing our July online auction

Welcome to this huge auction sale of over 320 lots to be held over a two day period on Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th July.  This sale includes lots being offered on behalf of our regional auction centers and you will find their individual contact details in the various sections of this catalogue.  As with all auction sales at this time, the auction will be an online sale. You can watch the auction as it takes place online but, if you want to bid, you must have submitted your bidders registration to us online absolutely no later than 12 noon Friday 24th July.

Once we receive your registration we have to complete a number of anti-money laundering checks and we utilise an app provided by Credas.  This is a requirement so, you must complete this part of the process as soon as you get the invite to do so.

If you are a successful bidder we will contact you for payment of the deposit and process the contract.  Just because the sale itself is an online auction, all the usual requirements of a sale held in a venue apply.  You must carry out all your due diligence prior to bidding and if you haven’t done so, the simple rule is therefore not to bid.

Inspect the property you want to bid for prior to the auction.  You can do this via booking in to one of our viewing slots or, if you are happy with the video tour available on many lots you can of course bid based on that remote viewing.  Most importantly however you are bidding based on your own inspection/viewing the video, where available, and need to be satisfied as to the state and condition of the property based upon that alone. You can of course take an expert with you to a viewing, commission a survey before the auction or, where a property requires refurbishment seek advice from a suitably experienced builder and obtain quotes.  This is however, your responsibility as a buyer and you are bidding based on your enquiries alone.

Legal packs are available for you to download and view free of charge from this website.  Unbelievably people still bid and purchase without having read and sought advice as to the content of a legal pack.  You must read this and obtain advice from your solicitor or conveyancer prior to bidding.  If a seller requires additional contributions towards their costs that may be payable at completion, these will be detailed in their special conditions of sale.  Every lot has unique special conditions of sale and you bid in the full knowledge of these, don’t expect or request contracts or conditions to be varied after the auction has taken place and you have purchased, they will not be varied.  Everyone is bidding based on exactly the same contract terms offered for that particular lot and, by participating in the auction you have accepted those terms.

Make sure you have your finances in place not only to pay the deposit immediately in cleared funds but also, arrangements in place for you to draw down funds in good time for completion.  Again, special conditions of sale will state if the completion date is anything other than 28 days from exchange.  You cannot simply delay completion because your mortgage funds haven’t arrived or, you haven’t moved money from another form of investment in time.

These are really simple rules of due diligence for you as a buyer to follow and, ensure your auction experience and purchase is a great one.  If you do your due diligence properly all will be well and you’ll be properly prepared for the auction.  By agreeing to the terms when you click to bid you are confirming that you have done your due diligence - please make sure you have and as always, our advice is that if you are unsure, ask us and if you remain uncertain, do not bid.

Just like any other sale, all the information is available for you prior to the auction.  We are here to assist you with all your enquiries in the lead up to the auction.  Our viewings are as safe and secure as they can be but please ensure you bring a suitable face covering and gloves to the viewing for the protection of yourself and others.

At these times I cannot welcome you to the Grand Connaught Rooms for the auction but, a very warm welcome is extended to you all and, I wish you the very best of luck with your bidding .

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