Welcome to our Final Auction of 2021

We end the year with this, our final auction for 2021 being held on 16th December.  This is one of our largest catalogues of the year which will have seen us hold a total of 11 auctions and offer over 2,250 lots.  

Sales this year already top £225,000,000 so with the Ashington sale on 30th November and this sale we are forecasting total value of sales to comfortably exceed £250,000,000 which will top our sales value in 2020. 

We still remain the only major national auctioneer to have returned to the rostrum and the positive feedback we have received clearly shows demand for in-room bidding.  Our sellers also embrace this return and whilst bidders can engage in person, online, via telephone or by placing a proxy bid one thing is clear; both buyers and sellers alike want to purchase and sell with a real auctioneer on a rostrum conducting the sale rather than being reliant on little more than a computer algorithm. 

Of course we embrace technology and the investments we have made throughout the year mean that we can combine this with human interaction, something we have all been missing for so long, to provide our customers with the best buying and selling experience possible. 

It’s interesting to note that whilst many auctioneers think online has replaced the room, real people bidding for and buying property in our auction think entirely differently.  We have had bidders travel to London from as far afield as Wales, Cornwall, Derby, Leeds and many other locations to bid in the room rather than rely upon a click of their mouse or a phone connection.  In fact, at our last sale in November, one such bidder travelled from the Valleys in Wales to bid on a parcel of land which was located next to the house they own.  Clearly, they wanted to leave nothing to chance and their journey was well worthwhile as they were the highest bidder and the buyer of this hotly contested lot.  

Whilst of course we do need to be cautious, especially with some of the news now coming in from Europe, at the venue we provide the safest environment possible.  All bidders are provided with a sanitised zip bag containing their bidders paddle, face mask, hand gel and pen, along with seating at the venue being appropriately socially distanced. 

I guess the final observation is this, whilst Covid has taught us so many things and we have had to make so many adjustments, why would we simply throw away what we did in the past and spend our entire time interacting online and via zoom! 

As you page through this extensive catalogue I am sure you will find lots of interest.  My teams throughout the country are here to assist with all your enquiries in the lead up to the sale and, if you do decide to bid, I would encourage you to come to the auction and experience the excitement of our auction first hand, it really is the only way to get a proper feel for the day and, especially at this time, what better excuse do you need to combine your property shopping with some Christmas shopping and a chance see the London Christmas lights which look absolutely fantastic this year.

 It remains therefore, to finally wish you Season’s Greetings, the very best of luck with your bidding and we look forward to welcoming you to The Grand Connaught Rooms on Thursday 16th December.



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