Introducing our July 21 Online Only Auction

We are going to take a short break from our “virtual “rostrum in August but before then, welcome to our sixth auction of the year where we have packed some 225 lots into a one day sale making it a little easier for buyers of multiple lots to focus all their attention across all the lots on one day.

With this sale we will have offered some 1,400 lots already this year and including the recent June auction, takes our sales total to over £130 Million in the first half of 2021, clearly demonstrating that demand remains strong from buyers, and sellers know that they will achieve a sale if they price their properties correctly.

Last month I gave a brief overview as to what our auctions will look like in a future post Covid world and how bidders could access our sales both at a venue but also online and via the phone or proxy bidding.  As always with these things, the government have shifted the goal posts and with lockdown ending in full on 19th July, with some restrictions yet to be fully articulated, this does present some issues for us in holding this July sale at a physical venue as we don’t know precise details of what restrictions may still apply but beyond that, the health and safety of all our customers and indeed my team is of paramount importance. Please keep an eye on our website as we may be able to run a small trial enabling those that wish to attend an auction to do so however, online bidding will be the way to access this auction. 

For our September sale, we fully intend to launch the new format, will only do so if it is compliant and safe to do but, we very much look forward to welcoming you back to our venue sales after the summer.

I take this opportunity to remind all bidders that you are bidding to buy.  Whilst I appreciate that sometimes bidders can get a little carried away, when you place a bid it cannot be retracted and if you win the auction with your highest bid, you are the buyer and bound by the terms of the contract.  Please make sure that you read all the documentation, take advice at every step of the process and if you are at all unsure of any aspect of the auction, bidding process or content of the legal pack, call my staff in the lead up to the auction, we are here to help and make sure your auction experience is a great one.

Turning to this catalogue, as you page through whether in the printed format or online, I am sure you will find many lots of interest.  We have a range of properties on offer from former public conveniences ripe for change of use or development, to investment properties with tenants in situ, so why buy to let when you can buy already let! 

For owner occupiers, builders and developers we have a range of vacant properties ripe for refurbishment, updating or with potential to add even greater value through extensions.  Over recent years we have sold a number of Medical centre investments, the tenant is generally the doctors practice or individual GP’s, the great thing with this type of investment is that the rent they pay to the landlord is reimbursed to them by the NHS, effectively meaning you are buying a government backed property investment. 

This auction includes another of these types of investment at Lot 8, Buxted Medical Centre and, this one has two outstanding rent reviews for a buyer to deal with and collect back rent arising from these reviews – an ideal asset to have in any SIPP or pension plan!

I hope you enjoy reading through this catalogue and picking out lots of interest.  As always, my team are here to assist with your enquiries in the lead up to the auction and, if you are reading this introduction as part of our printed catalogue, I encourage you to register on our website or at least keep an eye on it as on many occasions, we add late entries following the physical catalogue print to the sale.

It remains for me to wish you the best of luck with your bidding on the day, you may well pick up a bargain! 



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