2018 Auction Review Published

I am delighted to bring you this, our annual review for 2018. I am equally delighted to report that despite 2018 being a year of extreme political and market uncertainty, we have yet again increased our market share and continue to offer more lots from our rostrum than any other London Residential Auctioneer. Over 2018 we have offered some 1,986 lots and sold 1,412, with an aggregate sale value exceeding £228m. Our market share of lots offered now stands at 28.5%. We continue to offer more than one in four of all lots offered by any London Residential Auctioneer.

On a national basis our regional rooms add to our coverage with bases in Southampton, Derby, Norwich and Leeds. Overall Sequence Auctions have staged 35 auctions during 2018 and sold some 2,097 lots with a total sale value of £309m.

Where as others may be going down the online route, we are committed to holding a physical auction which delivers the best outcome for both buyers and sellers alike in a secure environment. During 2018 some auctioneers had been cancelling auctions, we remain firmly committed to holding ten auctions from our prime Central London venue at The Grand Connaught Rooms. Our auctions not only offer the fastest route to sale, but the face to face environment of a live auction room provides buyers the greatest level of control and offers true transparency for buyers and sellers alike.

Whilst market predictions are never certain, we continue to operate in an historically low interest rate environment and with affordable borrowing costs, property continues to provide attractive investment opportunities. Our Buy-to-let sales provide average gross yields of 6.6% far outstripping most other investment vehicles.

We have a full schedule of ten auctions in 2019, and we look forward to welcoming clients both old and new throughout the forthcoming year.

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